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I require a deposit to reserve your date, payable upon completion of a performance agreement form.
Price includes a consultation to choose music.

Price does not include a rehearsal.

Additional charges may apply during holidays or special circumstances.

Acceptance of outdoor events depends on being able to protect my instruments from the elements.

Organ/Piano (instrument resides in venue)

For the first hour (one hour minimum) $175

Per hour thereafter $50  


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Harp, harpsichord, keyboard

For the first hour (one hour minimum) $250.
(This means an hour of playing time.  Most weddings require more than an hour in order to set up and tune ahead of time.  But this is included in the "first hour" fee, and I don't charge extra for it.) 

Per hour thereafter $50 

Charge to move harp to 2nd location $25
Rehearsal with a soloist on a different day or location than that of the wedding $100
Special requests: rewriting/learning music at bride's request, or transposing to suit soloist: $25 per page of music. 

All harps are fitted with built-in microphones and can be amplified. 


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