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Having played for hundreds of weddings, I can give good advice about what works in a number of different settings. My hope is that a client would choose me because he/she wants to take advantage of this experience and sensibility.

Sometimes clients choose specific pieces they want. Sometimes they choose a general style or feeling and let me choose within that. Sometimes they combine the two, choosing specific pieces for, say, the processional and recessional after hearing some choices, and leaving the rest up to me. I hope the lists below will at least help start the process of choosing your music!

I am certainly willing to discuss music that is not on my repertoire list. In terms of learning something by request, the issues will involve whether the music is 1) appropriate to the setting 2) suitable to the instrument I'm using, 3) available in printed form for me to play from, and 4) possible for me to learn with the lead time I have.

Brides say, "It's on my Wedding CD"...or... "I found it on the Internet." Uh-oh. There are a lot of decisions to make, and they're looking for information and guidance. So, I suppose wedding CDs and the Internet are a place to start. But just a caution: sometimes the CDs feature music using instruments you are not going to have, and the Internet can list all sorts of musical ideas that are not going to work in every setting. I've had brides assume that the organ can sound exactly like the symphony orchestra playing on their CD, and become disappointed when it doesn't. I've even had some say, "That's the wrong piece.." because it isn't exactly the same as the CD. On the other hand, if you have the budget to hire a full orchestra, stop reading this and go for it!

Most churches view weddings as worship services. This means they can frown on any secular (i.e., not religious) music being used in the service. In that case, that popular love song you both love and find meaningful might fit best at the reception.

You can view my repertoire lists by clicking the links below.

Harp repertoire

Organ repertoire

Piano/harpsichord repertoire




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